Overview of the memorial

This memorial is designed to honor the men and women of Police and Fire Departments across our country who have paid the supreme sacrifice by dying in the line of duty. It is also a tribute to those men and women of the Boardman Police Department and Boardman Fire Department who have served our community, selflessly placing themselves in harm’s way and keeping us safe.

The two pillars represent police officers and firefighters coming together as one to protect our citizens. There will be lights shining up through each pillar — a blue light representing police officers and a red light representing firefighters. These lights will shine all day and all night, symbolizing their tireless efforts to protect our community. Each pillar will also have a police officer and a firefighter holding a flag that will be laser-cut out of the steel for the light to shine through. At the base of the pillars will be a circular flower bed that will be planted with a variety of colorful flowers.

A wall will be dedicated to each respective service with a plaque honoring those who have perished. Each plaque will have a saying honoring those who have fallen. (We have yet to finalize what will be written on those bronze plaques.) The walls will also give us a place to memorialize those who have fallen in the line of duty by etching their name into the wall. We hope we will never have to add names to those walls.

The three flagpoles are for the U.S. flag, Ohio’s State flag and the Boardman Township flag. The benches are for visitors to sit, observe and enjoy the memorial, and for those who want to reflect on the sacrifices made by police officers and firefighters everywhere.

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